Technician holding a circuit board in front of a laptop

Who We Are

The Galixsys Networks team are innovators, with over 60 years of combined experience in software, hardware, silicon design and IT management. Galixsys Networks was created over 10 years ago to address the fundamental  limitations in  centralized communication platforms, be it between people or devices. Our technologies are based on blockchain and peer-to-peer concepts, allowing devices and people to communicate directly with each other without requiring data to be stored in any location. This adds a level of security and privacy, along with control over all the data that current centralized platform-based solutions offer.

Person holding a tablet

What We Do

Galixsys Networks conceives and develops software technologies for secure communication between devices and people. Highlighed by the flagship Galixsys Communicator platform, Galixsys Networks patented solutions allow any user to host their own messaging server on their own devices. These devices include a smart phone/tablet, home PC, enterprise cluster, cloud cluster, IoT device or IPU/DPU.. Further, services are provided to port,, integrate and maintain the platform into any IT infrastructure.