Existing Chats


1. Create Chat. A tap here will open the Create Chat screen and allow the user to start a new chat.

2. Overflow. Herein lie menus for Delete Chats, Block Members, World Profile and Help. By selecting Delete Chats, the user will remove themselves from the chat; if a member on the chat sends a message to the user a new chat will be created for the user. Chats deleted are permanently removed from the device, along with all prior messages. To exit delete chats mode, tap the back space arrow. Block Members allows the user to block another member. Any messages sent from that member will not be displayed to the user. The member being blocked is not notified they are being blocked so will appear as if the user is simply ignoring the member. World Profile will open up the Join World screen. Here the user will see the current world’s device network and port information and may adjust changes to the world network here, along with other world behavior such as mute and avatar profile. Help opens up this page.

3. Chat Profile. Each chat created is displayed here. The profile image used is of the first person selected in the chat. The name of the chat, which will either be the alias selected, or a list of names of the members of chat, is shown, along with the last message sent (and by whom) and at what time.