1. Overflow. Herein lie menus for Chat Members, Delete Messages, and Help. Delete Messages will allow the user to delete permanently from the device certain messages, or all, but will not remove the chat from the Existing Chats screen. To exit delete messages mode, tap the back space arrow. Chat Members pulls up a modified Create Chat screen where the user may change or create the alias for the chat, delete the chat, or start a new chat off the existing chat by adding or deleting members. Help opens up this page.

2. Messages Sent. Messages sent by the user are displayed left justified on the messages screen, along with a time stamp as to when sent.

3. Messages Received. Messages received to the user are displayed right justified, along with a miniature profile pic of the sender, their avatar name and a timestamp as to when received.

4. Text Message Entry. Text for the message is entered here. Any input allowed by the android device used should be able to be used here as well.

5. Send Picture. Tapping here will pull up the default Android camera app and allow the user to take a picture to send.

6. Send Video. Tapping here will pull up the default Android video capture app and allow the user to take a video to send.

7. Send Image. Tapping here will pull up the default Android image and video gallery app and allow the user to select an image to send. Note that permissions must be granted to Galixsys Communicator to access the device’s media files in order to select. If not granted when the pop-up is shown, it may be granted later by entering the devices Settings application.

8. Send. Tapping here will send the message, be it text, or image and video files. Note that both text and all images and videos being queued are sent at the same time.