1. Subscription Description. Galixsys Communicator is provided as a termed-based subscription in order to use. The user must agree to the subscription terms in order to continue to use Galixsys Communicator. Note that once subscribed, the user fee is paid for that term even if Galixsys Communicator is un-installed. No refunds of the subscription fee already paid are given.

2. Price and Term. The current subscription price, whose length is defined in the Term, in order to use Galixsys Communicator. The price and term may vary and are pulled directly from the Google billing servers.

4. Reject. Tapping here will pull up a confirmation dialog asking if you wish to reject the subscription. By tapping yes, Galixsys Communicator will immediately exit. If Galixsys Communicator is re-launched, this subscribe screen is opened again.

4. Subscribe. Tapping here will open up the Google-initiated subscription flow. Accepting Google’s terms will facilitate payment and allow use of Galixsys Communicator for the length of the Term. After the term is up, a Google-initiated re-subscribe flow will present itself and will also need to be accepted to. This subscribe screen will not show again once a subscription has been purchased until the next term.