1. Refresh Screen. Tap here to refresh the signal strength and number of members on the world. The Worlds screen statistics are gathered when first shown and not updated automatically. A tap here will re-poll all joined worlds and update the statistics accordingly.

2. Join World. Tap here to join a world manually. Joining a world manually will open the Join World screen where the user may enter the device network information of the hosting World.

3. Overflow. Herein contains the ability to Delete Worlds, as well as menus for About and Help. By selecting Delete Worlds, an empty circle will appear next to each world. Tapping the circle or world name will select the world for deletion (as indicated by a now filled red circle), and tapping again will de-select. Multiple worlds may be selected at once. A tap of the DELETE button on the bottom will pull up a confirmation dialog. When a world is deleted, all members, chats and messages associated with that world are permanently deleted from the device. Tap the backspace key to exit delete worlds mode. About will open the About Galixsys Communicator screen. Help pulls up this page.

4. Worlds Joined. All worlds joined are shown in a list. Each joined world will display that world’s image, name and description, as set by the World administrator. Tapping here will allow the member to enter the world and message with other world members.

5. World Statistics. The network connection quality to the world, along with the total number of members on the world, are show here. A strong physical network connection to that world is shown with three green bars, a medium connection has two yellow bars while a weak connection has a single red bar. No connection, indicating that the device hosting the world is either off-line or unable to connect to the Internet, is shown by zero red bars and the device name will have a red strike-through. To update this information, tap the “Refresh Screen” button.