1. Refresh Screen. Tap here to refresh all the statistics. When visible, the information screen is not updated with new information automatically. To see the current state of the World network, tap here.

2. Invite Member. A tap here will pull up the default Android email client, pre-populate the email with a description of what the Galixsys Networks Communicator platform is, as well as connection information to the World. The user then may use their contact list or otherwise enter the email addresses of the people they wish to join their world. Please note currently Galixsys Communicator is only available on Android devices, so invites should only be sent to people who have access to an Android device (either phone or tablet, either on a cellular or wi-fi network). The receiver of the email then only needs to select the link in the email to automatically fill in the World information in their Galixsys Communicator app to join your world. If the user does not have Galixsys Communicator installed, they are re-directed to the Android playstore.

3. Member Management. A tap here will pull up a list of all the world members. From there, members may be deleted or otherwise managed.

4. Overflow. Any functions not able to be displayed in the menu bar will show here.

5. Number of World Members. The current number of members on the world. For an update, hit the “Refresh Screen” button.

6. Server State. Current state of the Galixsys Hub servers. Normal operation will indicate OK while an error in the server will be displayed here. If there is an error in either server state, members may not be able to communicate with each other.

7. Network Details. Network information, most of which had been set during World Creation <link here>.

8. Ports Used. The network functions and the ports they are associated with. A single base port is selected during World Creation while the next three offsets are automatically determined. All these ports must be open to the wider Internet if the World is to be usable by devices on the Internet.

9. Network State. Details on the number of devices currently connected and any cached messages. Messages are delivered directly and not cached or stored on the World if the receiving device is connected to the World. Messages intended to devices that are NOT connected are cached on the World, and that information is displayed here.